Rana & Adam


After learning that we lived so close together, Rana and Adam wanted a quick photo of them at the lake by both of our houses, to use for their wedding website. I said fat chance! I just moved to Denver so have been wanting to get out and explore all of the awesome places and epic views that Colorado has to offer. And THIS was the perfect opportunity to do so! So I whisked these two (they actually whisked me) up and away to Lookout Mountain in Genesee, Colorado.

While we definitely got to see some majestic views, the real view was these two! Rana and Adam are so much fun and they are truly perfect for each other. They are constantly laughing together and while Rana is quirky and hilarious, Adam balances them out with his gentleness and subtle wit.

Thank you guys for allowing me the privilege of capturing a bit of your love. Can’t wait for the wedding!