Andrew & Hayley

I met Andrew through a mutual friend a few years back, and I got the pleasure of getting to meet his beautiful fiance, Hayley, on one of the happiest days of her life... when she became his fiance.

One of my favorite things about this particular proposal is that Andrew called me 6 months prior to make sure I was available. I can't believe he kept it a secret for that long! I can only imagine the anticipation though... now that's impressive.

Another favorite aspect of this proposal is that her ring was uniquely designed by including special different diamonds di-soldered from other important family members' wedding rings. So much meaning in one ring, that's pretty darn special! And how stunning is it?!!

Throughout the entire day, he took her around to places that were meaningful to them in an "amazing race" type fashion. Where they first met, had their first kiss, first became officially boyfriend and girlfriend, etc. Then ended in a special "someplace new" where I was hiding in the bushes waiting to capture the big moment :) Andrew acted as though he was taking photos of Hayley with Mt. Hood in the background, then for one of the photos he told her to turn around for another angle, and he was down on a knee. Such a sweet moment, the radiant smile and tears streaming down her face were priceless.

It was so wonderful to get to capture and be a part of this special day for these two! I'm beyond excited for you guys and can't wait to see what the future holds for you two. 

Congratulations Andrew and Hayley! xoxo