Taylor & Michael

I met Michael Keating freshman year of college. We remained friends all throughout college and I just adore this guy! He has the kindest heart, an infectious laugh, and is just a guy that everyone wants and loves to be around.

It was no surprise to me that I also adored his fiance, Taylor, right when I got to meet her, too. She is just as kind, and has the same infectious laugh that Mike does. They've been together for several years and said that they maybe had 5 pictures together so they warned me that this whole engagement session was going to be "new" for them. Pleeeeeease. They were naturals.

This first photo below is the very first image I snapped of them. That never happens. Usually it takes at least a good 10-15 clicks to even warm up to the camera. Seriously how adorable are they? They have such good chemistry, continuously make each other laugh, and it literally melts my heart the way that Michael looks at Taylor. 

Shoutout to my friend Katie who assisted me on this shoot. You rock!
Oh and of course there was a pitstop mid shoot to pet some corgis.