Daveen & Michael

"How cool is it that I get to wake up each morning feeling driven and feeling like I can do anything in the world just because the person next to me is pushing me and pushing for the same things in life." - Daveen

My job is so wonderful because I am constantly surrounded by and inspired by so much love. Daveen and Michael are a perfect example of this. A couple that you can clearly see just how much they truly love each other in the way they communicate, look at each other, speak about one another, laugh together, the list goes on. I love how sweet and softly Michael talks to Daveen, and I love even more how his eyes light up when he talks ABOUT her and their future together! I love how Daveen smiles when she talks about Michael, and I love her giddiness just being around him. This is a couple that truly enhances each other's lives just by loving each other.

Can you tell how much I adore these two?! I am so excited for their wedding!!

Also, I'm going to mention to my couples and future couples, how great it is to create and have a "love story" film before your wedding. It's such a good way for me to get to know a you guys better as a couple, and for you to share your story with me (while also getting some practice being in front of my camera!). It also is a great way to take a breather from all of the wedding planning chaos and really just enjoy being TOGETHER, being engaged, and soaking in this next step you're about to take in your relationship. Plus, it's another documented memory that you can have forever that will be special for you guys to look back on in years from now.

I'm going to end with a quote that I heard that reminds me of Michael and Daveen, "While loving someone deeply gives you courage, being deeply loved by someone gives you strength."