Baylee and Tyler

 I met Baylee in 2009 when our moms set us up for a senior session, me being a new photographer and Baylee being a senior in high school. Our moms both worked together at the time... so, thanks moms! Fast forward a couple years later and Baylee is starting a photography business of her own and we get to collaborate on a few things and learn from each other, which it's always good to have friends in the industry. Collaboration, not competition! Fast forward another couple years later, and I am transitioning into wedding videography as Baylee is really starting to kill the wedding photography game. We've gotten to capture a few weddings together now, and it is so fun! Her as the photographer, me as the videographer. Brides.... we work really well together, FYI ;)

When she first told me that she met this Canadian guy on Tinder, he came down to meet her, and they really hit it off, I thought "that's sweet, but it'll never work." Living in two different countries right off the bat and trying to start a long distance relationship? No way. When they got engaged, I was happy for them, but still hesitant. It's not until I finally got to meet Tyler that it all finally made sense. They are truly the perfect combination of similarities and contrasts. They are so alike in that they are genuine, driven, intentional, energetic, hard working, and love to be around their friends. Yet, they are different in smaller ways that balance each other out perfectly. Baylee is whimsical minded while Tyler is a little more logical, haha. I actually love this about them! I feel like Tyler brings Baylee back to Earth sometimes but Baylee gets Tyler thinking more spontaneously. Besides all of this, how hot of a couple are they?! I mean, come on. They make THEE most beautiful couple.

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect. Baylee got ready at her mom's house with some of her closest friends, and then we drove out to the gorge where her and Tyler shared their first look. They wanted their wedding day to be intimate and magical. Well, they certainly got that. On a March afternoon in Oregon, they were absolutely blessed with a beautiful, sunny day. That, in itself, is magic. The said their vows on the most stunning cliffside with their immediate family and closest friends. It was very intimate.
Baylee and Tyler, your wedding day was perfect. Laid back, intimate, fun, romantic, spontaneous, filled with so much laughter and love... I already know your wedding day is just a hint of what the rest of your guys' lives together will be like. I'm excited to see what the future holds for you two.

Thank you for having me capture your day, it was truly an honor. I love you guys!

Also, it's always a treat to get to work with the fabulous Jessica Heron, who photographed the day. Check out her photos from their wedding day, below: