Erik & Shay


I get to meet a lot of really awesome people through this profession, and get to do a lot of really neat things... but how cool is it that I get to capture my own brother's engagement session?
Erik and Shay met 4 or so years back when they were both camp counselors at Lake Metigoshi in North Dakota. I love that my brother is so passionate about his faith, is so good with kids, and appreciates the simple things in life. I love even more that he found a girl that is passionate about the same things, and is even more passionate about her undying love for my brother.
They truly compliment and understand each other so well. They are always laughing together, and building each other up through both words and actions, it's so inspiring!
They came to visit me in Seattle where we got to do a few photos, and then we took it one step further, to the family vacation in Arizona, where we did another portion of their engagement session, and it was so fun!

They kept insisting on including this sign, with their date and hashtag. If you know me, you know that I do not typically like to include any props in photos, but rather capture the couple as is. I kept knocking down their "sign" idea and told them to just not do it. And finally, Shay was like "I get you don't like the idea, but can we just do one photo with it?" Trying not to roll my eyes, I hesitantly agreed to do one... and then quickly learned the method behind their madness ;) Such a clever and special way to surprise me! Scroll down halfway through the pics to see what I'm talking about.

Erik and Shay, I love you guys both so much and am so thankful you two found each other. I pray that you continue to laugh together, support each other, and love each other as much as I have witnessed throughout your relationship thus far. Thank you for having your sis capture this special time in your lives!!! Can't wait to be a part of it all next summer!