Karin & Scott


Karin and Scott are the type of people that you just can't help but smile around them because their love and charisma is just completely infectious! Their love for each other is sweet, and their personalities are rare to find - humble, genuine, caring, and plain fun!

The email conversation started like this, "Hi Rachel. My name is Karin. Not sure if you remember, but you gave me your card at Full Sail after seeing me and my boyfriend together, and said we were a “cute couple.”  You said to write if we ever needed Engagement photos, and well, now we do!"

I'm not too much of a bold person, and I usually like to fly under the radar, but I remember feeling like I needed to be bold the day that I originally ran into them. I remember getting some beers at Full Sail in Hood River with a few girlfriends in the spring (we are all single), and we were just admiring this ADORABLE couple on a little afternoon date. Scott looks at Karin with such adoration, and it was so evident that day - I remember us girls saying, "Gosh, we need to wait for the right guy who will look at us like THAT someday." Haha! So therefore I worked up the confidence to casually, and somewhat creepily, just stop at their table on the way out, to tell them how darling they are, and I'd love to capture their love someday. AND HERE WE ARE, FOLKS. I guess that really works...

Come to find out they happen to be the raddest couple ever, Karin is an opera singer and Scott is a naval pilot. Their engagement session was filled with slow dancing to Karin's beautiful voice, lots of airplanes, and poppin' champagne. I loved getting to know their story, how their friends thoughts they'd be perfect together, how their first date was Scott taking her up for an airplane ride, how he proposed overseas on a sailboat. We had so much fun capturing their engagement photos, and am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to meet these two.
How fun and adorable are they?!!