Stephanie // Mission Hot Mama

I love when I get to do lifestyle/fitness photos for Steph. She is so spunky, sweet, and funny!

Stephanie grew up in my hometown but now lives in Montana. She has an awesome blog that you should go check out, especially if you're a mama trying to keep up with every day life and also take good care of yourself at the same time; "get your mojo back." Her blog is packed with tips and tricks, and she herself is one hot mama - her baby isn't even 6 months and Steph is fitter than I am! I mean, come on. So inspiring.

Her laugh is adorable, so in most of these photos you will find her laughing, but that's her in a nutshell, so I find it fitting :) Be sure to hop over to her BLOG to be inspired and to get motivated.

Oh and how BEAUTIFUL is her baby girl!?!