Steve & Nicole

I was scheduled to take Steve and Nicole's engagement photos back in January. A few days prior to the scheduled date, Steve was in a tragic accident.

Without going into too much detail about his personal life - I'll just say that it's an absolute miracle that we were able to do this photo shoot now, here in May, when there were several instances throughout being in a coma for 50 days, that he was not expected to make it, then not expected to be able to function - walk, talk, eat - on his own, then not expected to be the same Steve, same person, if he did wake up. I followed along, in addition to almost 3,000 other people, with his family's devastating journey throughout Steve's time in the coma via a facebook page that his fiance, Nicole, was posting daily updates on. As heartbreaking as it was to hear about the several instances that doctors told the family they must say goodbye to Steve, it was incredible to see how many people were praying for, fighting for, and supporting Steve, Nicole, and their families throughout his entire battle.

It is my personal belief that Steve's waking up was all God's doing. God had a purpose for waking Steve up from his coma, for granting him more time here on Earth. I also believe it was a combination of things that actually brought Steve back as STEVE, against all odds...The thousands of people praying for Steve, his personal fight (he is basically the Hulk), and of course Nicole's unconditional, unwavering love for him.

I loved hearing about the stories of his small responses while in the coma to Nicole's voice and touch. I can't even imagine what Nicole was going through and how she was feeling, but she is certainly one strong woman! I think this quote perfectly describes them as a couple and what they have been through together in 2017 so far:

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” -Lao Tzu

Steve and Nicole, they say going through life's greatest challenges and obstacles together makes you a stronger couple. I can honestly say that getting to spend the day with you guys the other day, I can visibly see and feel that you guys are stronger then ever before. I love how you are the same light-hearted, fun-loving, sarcastic, and adorable Steve and Nicole - but with a different kind of depth now. Your love for each other is so raw and intentional, I admire every bit of it!

I couldn't help but post a million photos from their session, because they are too adorable and this photo session was incredibly significant in so many ways. Plus, I am just in complete awe at Steve's ability to function and do things in a matter of weeks that the doctors warned that he would possibly never do again in his life. In addition to the miracle in all of that, I just love the way he still looks at Nicole.

PS: Scroll down and check out Jessica Heron's AMAZING video that she put together from their shoot as well!! Huge thank you to her, as I asked her to tag along and surprise them with a video, too! :)