Kelley & Jay


It's pretty neat to grow up with someone and then get to document their love story. My cousin Jay found the most darling little lady, Kelley, and is making her his wife this September and I am so ecstatic for their wedding!

Since Jay is a train engineer, I obviously had to throw them on some abandoned railroad tracks for a couple of photos. After a couple of minutes shooting around the trains, Jay mentioned, "We don't have to do ALL of our photos here, trains aren't my LIFE you know..." Um, yes Jay, yes, they are. Every family gathering growing up, Jay had his lego trains, automatic train toys, any kind of train toy you can think of basically. A new one every time, if I remember right. I literally can still hear him chugging around saying "choo choo" as a kid. Fast forward to present day, driving down the gorge at their photo shoot, Jay also pointed out several different train cars that were carrying this or hauling that, and then spotted some tracks across the river that were part of some of his train routes. So yes, Jay, when I see a train I basically think of you! But such a cool job, am I right?! I think it's so badass that my 29 year old cousin drives trains for a living.

Okay, let's move on to how darling Kelley is. She is so sweet, bashful, and a little quiet at first. But once you get to know her, she is so spunky and full of life, and is constantly putting a huge grin on Jay's face, which I love! They flirt, they laugh, they have so much respect for each other, and it's very visible to me how much they truly bring out the best in each other.

Thank you for including me in this incredibly special time of your lives. Kelley, you are going to be make the most stunning bride and Jay, I can't believe I get to capture your wedding day! Love you guys.