Brandi & Dustin

Quite literally obsessed with these two!
I am SO excited that they stumbled across my work (through mutual friends, thanks Nicole and Tonicha!) recently and last minute booked me for their San Francisco wedding this September.
I was even more excited when Brandi mentioned that she may be interested in an engagement photo session with me prior to September as well. Mainly excited because it's just such a great way to get to know a couple, get to know their love story and general vibe, and just connect with them. I casually mentioned a couple of my favorite locations to shoot, Rowena Crest being my favorite but also the furthest, and when Brandi agreed to that - I already knew I was going to love them. We all know how much I love adventure and the PNW.

During our photos, when I found out that they were 5 years apart and mentioned "Wow, I had no idea - Dustin, you're so well spoken and mature," I just about died when he looked over and smiled at Brandi, and said "Well, I had to be if I wanted to get her." Gosh, they are the cutest. They met a few years ago, both being super successful in their real estate careers... Although Dustin did mention as a young teenager, he know exactly who the babe was working a couple stores down in the Vancouver Mall... it just took nearly a decade later to meet her through real estate in their adult lives and win her over.

I truly had so much fun getting to know these two. They are such sweet, caring, humble individuals and then you put them together, and they are just serious "couple goals." Everything from the way that Dustin looks at Brandi, to the way she reaches for his hand, to their obvious connection and chemistry together, -- looking at them just makes one want to fall in love. Roses, wine, picnics in stranger's orchards, views of the gorge, it was all so lovely and I am so happy to have been able to capture just a tiny bit of their love story. Plus, it was very difficult to NOT capture a good photo of these two, aren't they just the most stunning couple?! Something out of a fairytale, I'm convinced. Brandi and Dustin, I adore you two, thanks for being so fun!