Courtney & Justin


Courtney and Justin asked if it would be okay to take me out to their family property (which happens to be a private airstrip for the pilots in the family) tucked away in Brush Prairie right on the river. Um, yes please! When I arrived, I am pretty sure my jaw dropped. It is a hidden gem!
They are the cutest little family with their two pups, who are actual best friends. We had a great time frolicking around their property and playing with the pups on a beautiful April evening - clearly lucked out with the weather.

What I love about Courtney and Justin is how easy their love for each other is. They speak to each other so kindly, they flirt, they hold hands and find so much joy just walking through a field and watching their pups run around. Jason Aldean's "You make it easy" song was literally stuck in my head throughout their shoot because I kept thinking how easy their love truly comes. "You're my sunshine in the darkest days, my better half, my saving grace, you make me who I want to be... you make it easy." Darius Rucker's "Need you more" song was also stuck in my head, but that's a whole other story regarding my tech-savvy self ;)

Courtney and Justin, I love how organic your love is, I love how you both enjoy the simple things, I loved frolicking around your gorgeous property with your pups, I loved learning more about your love story and seeing where Justin proposed, and I just love how sweet of humans the both of you truly are!! I am beyond ecstatic to get to capture your wedding day in a few months!