Brooklyn & CJ


I have so much appreciation for a grown man that isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, to flirt and show affection, and to be so evidently proud to be his woman’s side. This is CJ. I knew it would be a fun shoot the first moment that I asked CJ to spin Brooklyn around and slow dance. They did it so naturally and beautifully, that I wasn’t surprised when CJ replied, “Oh we do this in the kitchen all of the time,” while shamelessly admitting that he is a hopeless romantic. Their chemistry is so strong, and I love their love story.

At such a young age themselves, they unexpectedly brought their little stud into the world. I was so happy that they brought their son, Cam, to our engagement session. I loved seeing them interact all together, and I was beyond impressed with what a sweet and polite little man that they have already raised. They shared their whole story with me, and I found it so admirable how they have worked hard together and have remained such a solid team through all of life’s trials, tribulations, heart-warming, and happy moments.

You could tell little Cam was just so excited for his parents to get married, and I think it’s safe to say we all are! These two have a contagious kind of love, and I was so honored to capture every little bit of their undeniable chemistry. Absolutely cannot wait for their wedding day!