Marcus & Kayt


Besides being absolutely stunning, Marcus and Kayt are one of the kindest, funniest, and most REAL couples in this world. Safe to say. They share a love that is so genuine and passionate, it has been fun for me to get to capture them in so many of their different elements. First, they took me to Maui to film their intimate (and epic) wedding in August with just a few of their close friends and family.


Then, I got to be a part of and capture their celebration with everyone back home, in Bend, OR, a month later. AND THIS WAS A PARTY. The drinks, the music, the photobooth, THE CHARCUTERIE PLATE, the wedding film viewing, the toasts. It was a celebration unlike any other. They have a wild bunch of friends and family that got down on the dance floor. Not only was this a fun group of people, but I was blown away at the kindness of all of their friends and family. One of my favorite moments of the evening was when Marcus and Kayt got to see their Maui wedding film that I created for them, for the very first time, in a moment that they wanted to share with all of their loved ones at their celebration. Watching not only 200 people view my film, but witnessing my couple see their film for the first time, was a special moment I’ll remember forever. Their tears and smiles melted my heart, and reminded me of the significant value of my job. I always feel completely humbled that God put me on this path for a career, but especially in this moment. Thanks Marcus and Kayt, for wanting to share that moment with all of those close to you - including me. It meant so much! Thank you to all of you friends and family of Marcus and Kayt for all of your kind words, as well. I felt showered with way too much love from all of you, and never have I ever felt so appreciated and valued by so many people at one time. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

Another favorite moment was obviously the beautiful sunset we whisked away from the party for. I think what makes the two of them such a beautiful couple, aside from their hotness (obviously!), is how real they are with each other - whether it’s goofy, serious, passionate, or just fun- they hold nothing back and I LOVE this about them. I ask them to slow dance, and he whisks her up in the air, twirls her around, grabs her face and kisses her, no shame. He grabs her butt, she grabs his. Their flirty, funny, and just adorable. They truly make everyone want to have a love like theirs!

Marcus and Kayt, I don’t have enough words to thank you for including me in so many of your special moments. Thank you for making ME feel completely loved, appreciated, and valued - when I was simply there to capture YOUR LOVE STORY. I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect for each of them, than each other, honestly. My point is - we met at a wedding, we hit it off to the point where I got to capture YOUR wedding day(s), and where I thought I was (and honored to be) your wedding photographer and videographer, I come out of this experience with such a full heart feeling like a dear friend to you, more than anything. Thank you for trusting me at both of your weddings, thank you for making me feel like family, and thank you especially for truly inspiring us all with your goofy, passionate, firey, and REAL love.

I photographed their Bend recepetion (no video), but couldn’t help but just grab a couple second clips in this particular moment - a sunset slow dance. You just became husband and wife in Maui during a hurricane, so why not?! It was too sweet of a moment to capture only in photos!