Marcus & Katelyn || Maui Destination Wedding

I treasure these opportunities to get to capture and tell the stories of such wonderful couples' wedding days, and what a treat it is to get to travel to beautiful destinations with them, too.

Kayt and Marcus' started off their marriage by literally WEATHERING THE STORM! Hurricane Lane didn't stop these two from still executing their dream wedding at the beautiful Andaz Wailea in Maui, Hawaii. It might have been delayed two days, but it still HAPPENED and it was so fun to see all of their wedding dreams still come to life!

One thing that I really enjoy about destination weddings, is that I am typically with the couple and their families a few days prior to the actual wedding day and I get the opportunity to get to know them all very well. Both Kayt and Marcus' parents, siblings, and friends were so incredibly kind to me and treated me as if I was a part of the family, too, rather than just the videographer. I appreciate these small gestures more than you know, and it actually helps me to capture video and/or photos on a whole deeper level.

They got married in front of 8-10 of their closest friends and family on a small lawn, surrounded my palm tress and sea breeze, overlooking the ocean's crashing of waves. It was so romantic. Then we walked across to another lawn, that was the most elegant, candlelit, beachfront setting I have ever seen, for the dinner, dancing, and drinks. As the night went on, I couldn't help but feel so joyful for these two. The love they share is so radiant, and so real. They danced the entire night away, and I just kept thinking all of the while that if they can embrace a hurricane and dance through a storm like this, imagine what they can conquer all through life together. 

Kayt and Marcus, I can't thank you guys enough! It was such a joy to be a part of both of your celebrations both in Maui and then back home in Prineville. Thank you for so graciously including me (and George!) in everything, and making me feel like a part of your family. I am forever grateful for you two, your wedding(s), and the honor of putting your film together.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gores!