Paul & Kirsten // Pike's Place Elopement


Paul and Kirsten decided to go outside of the realm of typical wedding traditions, and tie the knot on their terms, in their own unique way. I was excited to hear that they would elope in Pike’s Place, the original farmer’s market (established in 1907) and a popular tourist attraction of Seattle, WA. They rented out a gorgeous suite in the heart of Pike’s Place, with a deck overlooking the farmer’s market and waterfront. You could see the flowers, smell the fish, and hear the street music from their private deck. The suite was enormous and incredibly stunning! They invited their immediate families and two of their closest friends, to ensure a relaxed and intimate environment for their ceremony. I have to admit, felt very special to be in a room with an exclusive amount of people, witnessing Paul and Kirsten’s heartfelt vows to each other. They had a lovely table spread for their family to enjoy, British style - complete with tea, scones, and sandwiches. They celebrated, ate, drank, and toasted after the ceremony to a new exciting chapter of marriage, as the excitement for the later evening’s activities began to brew.

Paul and Kirsten invited 175+ of their friends and family to an elegant “Engagement Party” on the top floor of the Columbia Tower that night. What everyone thought was an engagement party would actually be their wedding reception! The Columbia Tower is one of the tallest executive buildings in Seattle so you can imagine how incredible the views were. Even in the evening, the whole city was lit up, including the space needle of course, and we were sitting on top of it all, with a panoramic view. The whole setting, including the guests, could not have been more elegant! Kirsten’s dad welcomed everyone in and then made the big announcement that Paul and Kirsten had actually eloped earlier that afternoon, and everyone hollered and cheered as the new husband and wife joined their party. The evening was a total hit! Fine food, fancy cocktails, a rockin’ band, lots of dancing, and the celebration went on all evening.

Paul and Kirsten, I can’t imagine a more perfect day for you guys. Thank you for including me in such an intimate elopement and spectacular celebration - your wedding day. This will forever stick out in my mind as one of my favorite wedding celebrations of all time! You guys nailed it. Congratulations!!