Andrew & Hayley

I have been waiting for a wedding that I could re-tell the story of, through video, in a way that completely glorifies God.  I had a feeling before going into this wedding day that it might be Andrew and Hayley's wedding. Originally, this is because I knew how much each of them truly pursue Jesus and strive to put God first in their relationship with each other. Then, it became very evident that their wedding was definitely going to be one for what I had in mind, during their ceremony. I loved how their officiant, Chris Nye, described marriage and the importance of humility. He gave the example for Hayley to walk with humility by honoring, respecting, and trusting Andrew, and letting him use his patience and wisdom to be the leader. And for Andrew, to die to his own needs, wants, and desires in order to put Hayley first. We are only able to walk in humility if we worship God, whom is the creator of and whom allows us to have humility. He goes on to say in all relationships, in all ways, choose kindness. Choose humility. “There is a bottomless well for all married people to draw from, and that resource is the gospel.” -Chris Nye

Hayley and Andrew, thank you for being a shining example of what it looks like to be so devoted to loving each other in the same way that God loves you. Your wedding and your love story are both wonderful testaments to the blessings that God gives when one seeks Him first. There were so many beautiful things said during the ceremony by Chris, in your vows and letters to each other, as well in the toasts, but I chose to create the film in a particular way that I hope not only glorifies God, but might inspire others to stay humble, live in humility, love God, and choose kindness.


Venue & Catering: Langdon Farms

Officiant: Chris Nye

Photographer: Jessie Kirk

Florist: Ann Cristler

Hair/Makeup: Kelsey Betts

DJ: Rick Hall

Dessert: Fat Cupcake