God-daughter Love

Gracen and Avery, my two sweet god-daughters and most photogenic children ever. Luckily I had no place to live for a couple months prior to my move to Seattle, so I got to live with these girls and their momma -- my best friend, Kaylin. Avery would would wake me up and come snuggle me at 5:30am every morning, and Gracen would constantly ask if I could live with them forever. These two melt my heart and they truly can turn any bad day into a good one. I feel so fortunate to be able to have the relationship that I do with them, and to share so many memories with them.

We did a little photoshoot in their matching dresses for updated photos to hang on the wall, but the photos turned out so cute that I knew that I would eventually share them. Their spunky little personalities shine right through the photos, I just love it.

One day while living with them, I shut my door and tried to get a bunch of work done, and Gracen just came in and sat on the windowsill and said, "Rachel, can I sit in here with you while you work? I just want to be by you because I love you." How can you say no to that....... I picked up my camera because it was a sweet moment that I wanted to remember forever, Gracen seriously has the biggest heart I've ever seen for a 5 year old. But then, of course, monkey see monkey do, Avery wanted to come in and sit in the windowsill too, and it just turned into an all-around jumping, tickling, hugging, pushing, laughing festivity. 

These two have grown up so fast before my eyes, I've made it a point to capture every stage that I possibly can. They are my favorite little humans, and I am so blessed to call them my god-daughters. They are very special girls.

Posting a million photos of them here because I haven't seen them in 2 weeks, and I miss them like crazy!