Nick & Kristen

Kristen had a work convention in Hawaii for a week and had asked her boyfriend of 8 years to join her for fun... Nick said he couldn't get the time off of work, unfortunately. So Kristen brought her mom instead.

Nick told Kristen's best friend Stephanie otherwise... he asked if she (Steph, Kristen's best friend) could come to Hawaii to be there because he planned to propose. 

Stephanie told Kristen she was going to come to Hawaii the same week and hang out, and bring along me of course, since I can't say no to traveling. Kristen thought it all sounded dandy :)

Not going to lie, I am pretty impressed with Kristen's mom, Stephanie, and I's ability to keep a secret for 5 days hanging out with Kristen in Hawaii, leading up to the proposal.

Nick flew in on Saturday with his mom (we had been there since Tuesday), and we started walking through how he was going to propose and how the day would unfold.

Mid-afternoon, Nick was standing out on a pier with the ring, as Kristen and her mom walked down the beach - Kristen thinking she was meeting up with Stephanie and I to go on a boat. In order to get Kristen on the pier, Kristen's mom came up with a little story about baby turtles that she saw earlier, so Kristen headed down the pier (Nick being the ONLY person standing on the pier, at the end), in search of the baby turtles. Half way down, she stumbled upon Stephanie and I with our cameras out and pointing directly at her, and she simply thought nothing of it. She waved at us, "Oh hey guys! I'm just looking for the baby turtles my mom told me about it." Okay Kristen... Nick is literally standing 10 feet in front of her, and her head is still looking down at the water in search of the baby turtles. Good job Kristen's mom for the baby turtles story, totally distracted her, haha! Almost too much ;)

She finally looked up, and was in complete shock that Nick was standing right in front of her. He got down on one knee... and you know how it goes from there.

It was a completely blissful day, so much joy, and so much love. We ate a yummy lunch at Dukes after the big moment, and then we all celebrated on a catamaran afterwards.

Nick and Kristen, many congratulations! You guys are truly the definition of "couple goals" and I am so excited for you guys and the next chapter in your love story.

Check out the photos that Steph captured of the proposal below: