Snowy Mirror Lake Hike

Good Friday this year was a good friday, indeed! 

I've been wanting to do the Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain Hike on Hood this year, but have been waiting for the snow to get a little less intense. I thought it would be perfectly clear by mid April so we took our Seattle and Ellensburg friends to this hike when they were in town Easter weekend. To say we were a little unprepared is an understatement. I wasn't expecting any snow at all, haha! Oops. Luckily Steph and I just moved out of the house we were living in and had some extra snow gear in our cars that we hadn't taken out yet... perfect. Tom, Dick, and Harry trail was closed, or basically non-existent with the snow, but the trail to Mirror Lake was accessible.

We were the only ones out there and although it was a bit cold, we had so much fun. Michael and Tenielle are serious couple goals (honestly though, talk about two people that are perfect for each other and exude so much joy), so of course I snapped way too many cute photos of them that I had to share.

We celebrated Good Friday with a good ole' communion with Rainiers and a protein bar once we reached the lake. It was a good day on good Friday with good friends and good fresh mountain air. Unfortunately I came down with strep throat and a fever hours after the hike, but it was worth it ;)