Taylor & Kelsey

You may remember this adorable due from when I got to do their winter engagement session and love story in late 2015... Their love story can be found here.

Taylor and Kelsey had a beautiful wedding day at the Red Barn Studios. It started off as a rainy, dreary day but nobody minded. The younger girls were still chasing both chickens and kittens around the farm, the bridesmaids still had smiles on their faces as they got ready, and the guys were still cracking jokes as they got ready together in a 10X10 sq. foot shack (if that)! Then, magically the clouds parted for us when it was time for Taylor and Kelsey to do their first look. God has peculiar timing like that :)

The rain decided to fall again shortly after, but it didn't matter! Although we had to move the ceremony to inside the barn... it was still an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Seriously... their vows to each other were so, so beautiful, it didn't matter WHERE they said them, it was the most beautiful ceremony. Taylor and Kelsey have been together for 7 years... since they were 15 and 16 years old... so they have so many memories together and so much life built up together, it was fascinating to hear all they had to say about their history, their love for each other, and their promises for their future together as husband and wife on their journey ahead.

If you just walked into their reception, you would have no idea who was family with who, and I loved that their families were already so intertwined after 7 years, that it was literally just one big family. Both sides of siblings are basically already siblings, it's the cutest thing!

I have to say though, one of my favorite moments of the whole entire day was when I looked around the lively, crowded, joy-filled room of dancing and socializing and noticed that Taylor and Kelsey were no where to be found... I wandered outside to find them enjoying the last few moments of daylight in these cute white chairs on the back porch of the barn, just by themselves, enjoying each other, holding hands in silence, and soaking up the last few moments of their wedding day just together. It was sweet, it was intimate, I snapped a few photos, and let them be.

Taylor and Kelsey, your wedding day was so beautiful. I admire the love and respect that you guys have for each other, and you are a true example of what life long love / best friendship should look like! The combination is a true treasure. Thank you for letting me capture it all, I hope you enjoy the photos and the video. Much love.