Colin & Kyleigh

Colin and Kyleigh's wedding was one of my favorite 2016 weddings! I had never heard of their venue before, but was ecstatic to find out it was 5 minutes away from my house in Brush Prairie. Jaquot Farm and Vineyards is a lovely little farm and vineyard tucked onto a couple acres in the NW part of Vancouver, WA. I loved the vibe that it gave: low-key farm with real cows with some classy vineyard feel too. 

Their wedding style matched the venue perfectly too - it was exactly what I think of when I hear "rustic glam." The bridesmaid dresses were an assortment coming from all different stores, one even being custom maid in Thailand. Cynthia from Flower Friends, did an amazing job as always on the GORGEOUS florals.. seriously, they were breathtaking. One of my favorite moments of the day leading up to the ceremony was when Colin showed all of their sisters, as well his mom, Kyleigh's custom ring that had sentimental value to it, which Kyleigh hadn't even seen yet. So special! 

I enjoyed how laid back the entire day was. All of the "getting ready" took place on a family friends' ranch, which provided a separate place for the guys to get ready in addition to the cutest little farm house I've ever seen for the girls. This was a photographer's dream to be able to walk back and forth or hop in the back of a truck to go between the guys and the girls, it was great! And what bride does all of her bridesmaids' hair?! Kyleigh works at a salon, so she did most of her bridesmaids' hair, no big deal. Even the reception was totally laid back and included feeding apples to cows, playing in the bubble machine, lots of dancing, and a whole lot of laughter and love. Thankfully, this laid-back atmosphere allowed me to steal away Colin and Kyleigh during the middle of the reception and frolic around the vineyard taking sunset photos with just the two of them. I adore you Kyleigh and Colin, and am so thankful you chose me to capture your beautiful day! I wish you a lifetime of as much love and happiness as what surrounded you on your wedding day, you guys are so loved.

Vendors who contributed to their dream day:

Catering & Rentals: As You Wish NW

Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Hilderband & Kate Pfeiffer

Florals: Your Flower Friends

Venue: Jacquot Farm & Vineyards