Shelby & Ty

It took awhile for Shelby and I to figure out how we actually could have possibly got connected, and while coming to the conclusion that it was just very random… it also felt like God just wanted us to be friends :)

From the second we got out of the car at their engagement session, I felt like we were instant friends. We had so much fun together their whole session, driving around the little town of Winona Lake, stopping at every cute place we spotted.

I completely adore Shelby and Ty’s sweet love for each other. Every time I asked Ty to look over at Shelby, he instantly had this huge grin on his face, and couldn’t hide the dimples. Every time I asked Shelby to look at Ty, she also threw in a gentle touch of the hand or a quick squeeze, too. They are flirty, fun, genuine, and so, so kind. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to capture their love. Their wedding is going to be one for the books! Can’t wait for October to come :)