James & Kaitlyn

James and Kaitlyn have such a special place in my heart. I met Kaitlyn back when she was in high school and have had the privilege of watching her flourish from a sweet young girl to the beautiful, strong, intelligent young woman she is now. I remember when she first got to college, I got a text shortly after that she had met and was now dating this young man, named James. I captured their young love in the first year of their relationship, and I have loved watching them grow deeper and deeper in love ever since! Check out their sweet young love here that I captured back in 2014 here: http://www.rpimagery.com/blog-content/2016/5/18/young-love-james-kaitlyn?rq=kaitlyn

“It’s crazy that back then, we knew.” Kaitlyn said in her vows. I think we all knew! Watching these two from day one, I knew I would be capturing their wedding someday. And here we are. The whole day was surreal! I love these two so much and am so inspired by how rich and deep their love for each other is. It truly has been like that since day 1, though. Which is crazy, they were so young! But we all just knew.

I loved that they did their own thing and opted for a winter wedding. It was a true winter fairytale, from all of the touches of pine, to the flickering fireplaces, the smores’ station, and the fur coats. Kaitlyn’s winter wedding dreams all came to life, huge thanks to the insanely talented Jordan Moll, wedding planning and floral extraordinaire.

Most weddings I can name a few highlights of the day, but this one I simply cannot. When I think about each moment of the day, they were truly all my favorite! The whole bridal party got ready on site, in their different suites, and it was such a relaxed morning and afternoon. I loved my time interviewing James before he saw Kaitlyn. He was just a ball of emotions while I had him talking about his favorite things about Kaitlyn and why he loves her so much. He had me in tears right there with him. The first look was the sweetest thing ever, and also had us all in tears. Kaitlyn looked like a dream, as always, and James just could not contain himself. I had so much fun with the whole bridal party, as they were all a true testament to the type of people Kaitlyn and James both are - so giving, compassionate, thoughtful, and kind to everyone around them. I adore Kaitlyn’s family and often feel like they are my own, so it was an honor to capture this day for them. I loved meeting James’ family, too, and seeing how wonderful both families got along together. James and Kaitlyn are both fortunate to have such strong, committed, and loving marriages modeled for them, there’s no telling what the two of them will take on in this lifetime together! The whole evening was a true celebration of their love, and I admired how all of their friends and family were acknowledging the fact that we all just felt humbled to be witnessing the love between James and Kaitlyn. It was a special day.

I have to say, though, one of my favorite moments of the day was when I was behind the camera filming James’ thank you speech to all of his family, both Kaitlyn’s parents, his own parents, all of the siblings, grandparents, etc. AND THEN - out of no where, he acknowledges ME by saying how special it is to be having me capture the day as I have been a part of their love story all along. James - you had me in tears there. Thank you so much for that sweet shoutout.

Kaitlyn and James, to say I am inspired by your love is an understatement. People go their whole lives in search of what you two have. You two have a special place in my heart and I am just so blessed to know you, have you as friends, and to capture this incredible love you share as your journey continues to unfold. Thank you making me feel part of the family, I love you guys so much!