Special thanks to Isaac and Mandy for helping film!

1 night, 1 couple, 3 events, 5 charities, 45 sponsors, 700+ people… Honestly, have you heard of anything like this? The answer is no, because this couple did something that nobody ever has. They hosted a $200k wedding that didn’t cost them $200,000 but RAISED over $200,000!!! Caleb and Tiffany truly have hearts of gold and they are fiercely dedicated to making this world a better place. So much that they donated their wedding! I mean, who does that? Especially in this century, where weddings are so hyped up, so detail oriented, and all about and catered to the couple. This was catastrophically quite the opposite.

Caleb and Tiffany believe that love is about the challenges, heartache, and battles you face in life and being able to fight through those together and come out stronger. AMEN TO THAT. Individually, they both have had their own battles in life to overcome:

“I have overcome childhood trauma from sexual assault, depression, emotional abuse, poverty, first generational living, suicide and pressure of raising my siblings, by turning my focus to helping others.” -Tiffany

“At the age of 1, was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called cystic fibrosis. I was told my life expectancy was only 19 years old (I am now 27). Despite the financial burden of doctors and hospital visits, the struggle to overcome sickness on a daily basis, and the unknown future, I choose to take this fight day-by-day. I take pride in being known to live in the moment and for my sincere appreciation of life. Rather than focusing on my fears, I love to follow my highest excitement at every given moment with no expectations of outcome.” - Caleb

It’s true, the amount of positivity and true appreciate for life that these two have is evident in their bright smiles, loving hugs, and compassion for the world.

Their wedding was out of this world! With well-known artists, dancers, musicians, speakers, live auctions, a few surprises, etc. - the whole evening was a hit. They had a short, tear-jerking ceremony in the middle of it all so that we could all remember that, yes… this is a wedding… and a marriage is about to begin! After the ceremony, they had speakers educate everyone on their 5 causes that they were donating their wedding to, all very close to their hearts. Then the party began and everyone danced and drank the night away.

Caleb and Tiffany, you guys are a light in this world and an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for being a true example of what love looks like when you fight together to overcome life’s greatest battles. Thank you for donating your wedding. Thank you for asking me to capture it! Thank you for encouraging us all to put goodness in the world, and reminding us that it’s not about what we can do alone, but what we can accomplish all together. This is not the end, it is only the beginning. I am so excited to see what you two continue to accomplish together in this life. YOU ARE “MARRIAGE GOALS” AND I LOVE YOU!



Watch the video below (created by WoodSnap) to learn more about the vision and love story behind it all: