Alex & Avery || THE COLBERSONS

This is, by far, my favorite wedding film that I have every created. It took a long time to craft, but that's because I needed it to be absolutely the best it could possibly be. Alex and Avery are such an inspiring couple because of the way they love each other and the way they love others. I needed this film to accurately reflect that. I wanted to tell their wedding day story (and love story) in a way that truly captivates and inspires others with the depth of their love. They set an incredible example of what having a solid foundation in their relationship looks like, they set a wonderful example of resilience, and they set a strong example of what love is

Because of this, their wedding was the most epic wedding ever. They are SO abundantly loved by SO many people, and all of those people have been waiting for this day for a long, long time. They met in the 5th grade. Alex loved her the moment he saw her but it took a few years of growing individually and then reconnecting to get to ask her on a an official date, in high school. In Avery's words, after that first date - they spent every single day together from then on. Fast forward 10 years, and it is their wedding day.

All of their friends, parents, and siblings had such charming things to say about them - you'll have to watch the whole film to see what I mean! You can imagine with the amount of years that these two have already spent together, there were countless amounts of stories to be shared followed by endless laughter and tears.

It’s not surprising that “The Colby System” that their friends came up with, somehow relates to loving people, in each of the steps. Community, Open to letting their friends into their family, Loyalty, Be There, and Y… “Y” Gabe and all the rest of us look up to them so much.

As Gabe says in the film, they are that couple that we all truly look up to.

I am both humbled and grateful that I was able to capture this extraordinary day for you guys, Alex and Avery. I hope that you are able to completely re-live all of the incredible moments that enfolded on this day, that defined one of the greatest chapters in your book! 

Venue: Adeline Farms

Photographer: Shelby Payne

Florals: Your Flower Friends