Joey & Whitney


I've been friends with Whit and Joe for over 5 years. I have witnessed many of their ups and downs, documented their love (by making them model for me on several accounts), celebrated many birthdays with them, and have watched their flirty crushes develop into a deep, beautiful love over the years. 

What I love about Joey and Whitney is that they are a couple that truly brings out the best in one another, and in turn, brings so much joy to everyone else around them. Joey comes off a bit timid when you first meet him, but once you get to know him, he is funny as hell, down-to-earth, "life of the party" type of guy. Whitney is constantly outgoing, energetic, and friendly to those around her. She has the biggest heart, is encouraging and uplifting to others, and gives, gives, gives. She is a true light to those around her, and it is evident that Joey recognizes this. The way he looks at her like she is the only person in the entire room completely melts my heart. Together, they have a contagious type of charisma that people crave to be around.

Every moment of their wedding day was pure bliss. Whitney's bridesmaids were all rockstars who constantly made sure everything was flawless throughout the day. The Benson was the perfect venue and the staff were incredible - working hard to create the most magical setting. Their family had the most sentimental words for the newlyweds, and everyone toasted to their happiness,and danced the night away.

THEY ARE EXPECTING!!! Whit and Joe found out shortly before their wedding day that they are expecting, and I couldn't be more thrilled for them! They are going to be such wonderful parents. During their reception, Whitney made the announcement to all of their friends and family that they have a baby on the way, and then surprised Joey by sharing that their cake cutting would actually be a gender reveal. The crowd went wild as they sliced into their wedding cake, revealing a bright, pretty, pink filling. There's not many things that could beat the excitement of that moment, but some of my other favorite moments of the day included: Whitney getting ready for her wedding day in the complete tranquility of their new, beautiful home that they just purchased as a couple. Whitney's bridesmaids enthusiastically watching their first look from the hotel window across the street. Joey seeing his bride for the first time on their wedding day. The venue coordinator giving Joey and Whitney a private moment to glimpse into their wedding reception room and Joey leading Whitney into a romantic slow dance. They were the only two in the room and the DJ turned on sounds of Billie Holiday in the background. I loved having Joey and Whitney to myself later on, shortly after they signed their marriage license, frolicking around the lit up night scene of downtown Portland. My last favorite moment of the day was watching Whitney, 10 weeks pregnant, round up the troops and lead everyone on the dance floor to "Wobble baby." Haha I love her!

Their wedding day was a true reflection of them as a couple, and every moment, start to finish, was truly so special! I admire their love, blessed to call them friends, and I am honored to have been a part of their wedding day. Whit and Joe- I can't thank you guys enough for choosing me to document this new chapter of your life, for including me in a huge part of your love story, and for your true friendship over the years. I adore the two of you together and am so excited to see all of the adventures and joy that God has in store for you, as a couple, and as a family!! Love you guys!

Venue: The Benson

Venue Planner: Danny Clougherty

Wedding Planner: Tatum from We Plan It, LLC

Florals: Crystal Lillie's Flowers by Kimberly

Hair/Makeup: Hannah Bennet & Shawna with LUX

Cake: Simply Sweets

DJ: Busta Move

Rentals: Barclay