Travis & Tonicha

Where do I start with Tonicha and Travis? I was lucky enough to become Tonicha's "first friend" when she moved to WA (thank you Sharon for knowing that we would become instant besties) and we immediately connected on a lot of different levels. Similar to what Sharon said at the rehearsal dinner, I, as well, have only known them both TOGETHER... As long as I've known Tonicha, I've known Travis, and I cannot imagine Tonicha without Travis. They compliment each other extremely well and it's obvious that God designed them for each other.

Their wedding took place at Reinstein Ranch in Livermore, CA. This was the first wedding that I handed the majority of the reins over to my two lovely assistants, who flew down to CA to capture their day, and I was able to just enjoy the wedding day as one of their guests, it was fabulous, and a "first" for me in awhile! - to be able to sit back and soak up a wedding day without having to capture it all...although I obviously love to capture weddings, too! ;)

Anyways, HUGE shoutout to Katelyn and Ellie for absolutely killin' it! The couple of times throughout the day that I tried to micro-manage a little bit, they both shoved me away saying "Rachel! We got this. You go have fun!" This is why I love them. And shout-out to Seth, who drove down from WA and arrived just in time to capture epic aerial footage. To my friend, Gerry, who was my +1 to their wedding after our long week of hiking and camping in Yosemite. To my new sweet little friend, Annika, who danced the night away with me.

Thank you to Shelby Payne who photographed their wedding, beautiful work as always. Last enormous thank you to "Auntie" Melissa who did all of the floral work, which turned out perfect. 

Although I wasn't the photographer, I still took some random photos at their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and just a few at the wedding that I wanted to share in this blog post along with their wedding film. It was such an amazing weekend! 

Travis and Tonicha - I love you guys immensely. Thank you for having me be a big part of one of the the most beautiful days of your lives! It was very special to me, and I'm even more thankful to be a part of your lives. 

And a few fun photos from Shelby as well...

I was actually Tonicha and Travis' roommate for awhile last year so I had access to their home luckily, therefore I secretly threw together a little "preview wedding film" for them to come home to from their honeymoon a week after their wedding. I got Travis' dad, Mike, to bring his projector over, I framed some of Shelby's photos that I had her send over early, and I decorated the front room, and let's just say there was the usual amount of tears from Tonicha when they walked in :) Check out their reaction: