Gabe & Madelyn

We started out Gabe and Madelyn's wedding day with Madelyn and her girls getting ready in her childhood bedroom that she grew up in... so cute... while they boys went out boating. It was a lovely, relaxing morning and my favorite part was her bridesmaids tearing up every 15 minutes. Sharing stories of the past, talking about the moments about to happen, Madelyn putting on her dress, so many tears.

There are so many favorites moments that I have from Gabe and Madelyn's wedding day. I'm just going to point out though that my favorite general theme of the entire day was FAMILY. I love how intertwined both Gabe and Madelyn's family and friends already are, but I guess that's what happens when you've been together for 7 years, since sophomore year of high school.

Gabe's family friends are already besties with Madelyn's family friends. Gabe's dad already treats Madelyn like the daughter he never had (truly... he only has 4 boys), Gabe makes Madelyn's mom laugh so hard (it's the cutest thing ever), and I love how both Gabe's dad and Madelyn's dad gave each other pats on the back and hugs continually throughout the whole day (see the photo of Gabe and Madelyn about to sign their marriage license and the dads hugging in the background as it's becoming official)! Truly though... the saying, "two families become one" was 100% in full effect already on their wedding day. So much family. So many tears. So many embraces.

From the beginning of the day until the end, EVERYBODY was embracing each other. Even throughout the entire evening of dancing.... and not even just the slow songs. Everyone constantly had their arms around each other, it was quite the celebration! Rightfully so, I took about 5x the amount of dancing photos that I normally take at a wedding.... and that's a lot. A favorite "embrace moment" was after the mother-son dance, the rest of Gabe's brothers came over and hugged their teary eyed mama, then Gabe's dad joined in, and then Madelyn, and then Madelyn's parents, pretty soon it was a 25 person embrace.

Gabe and Madelyn, I can honestly say your wedding day was the SMOOTHEST, most laid back, most joyful wedding I've ever captured. I truly believe your wedding day was a perfect reflection of the way you two love each other. It's raw, it's goofy, it's warm, it's devoted, affectionate, and knows no boundaries. I love your love ;) It was a pleasure being a part of your day.

Photography: RP Imagery

Catering: Famous Dave's

Bar: The Waitstaff

Cake: Rosycakes

DJ: Bust a Move

Flowers: Paige Beall

Rentals: Your Party and Event Center

Venue: Brickstone Ballroom