Butcher Jones

I just got back from spending 2 weeks in Arizona when I thought I was going for 6 days, and had the absolute time of my life. It was a much needed couple weeks in some sunshine. In my extra week, I got last minute Eric Church tickets with my friend Jon, went to a few more spring training games, got to see one of my college besties Nichole and her family, and had the opportunity to meet a new friend, Annabelle.

I have a dear friend, Tenielle, whom I've known since grade school. She text me while in Arizona and mentioned that she reached out to her college friend, Annabelle, who lives in AZ and told her I'd be in town. Annabelle is also a photographer, as well as a very sweet girl - and I'm thankful that our mutual friend Tenielle thought to even randomly connect us from 3 states away! 

Meeting Annabelle was a complete treat. She is incredibly kind and endearing, with such a wonderful story and testimony for the Lord. We spent an hour driving out to explore the Butcher Jones area in the Tonto National Forest and got to share several stories. Unfortunately, our goal of capturing sunset was diminished by the cloud coverage, but we still explored beautiful areas and took some awesome photos, and of course photographers on an adventure always have to take a few portraits of each other ;)