New York


"What are you doing next week? Do you want to go to NYC with me?" - Bryan
"Hmm.. I don't think I have any plans. Oh wait, it's my birthday, yeah no plans though" -Me

"Perfect so you're coming to NYC with me for your birthday?" -Bryan

Haha, YOLO. After all, I'd never been to the East Coast so figured I should probably experience it. Bryan's been my travel pal for the last few years and I'm thankful he invites me on the majority of his adventures with him and his friends (shout out Bryan, you da best)! Last year I was in Norway with him on my birthday, and this year - New York City with him, haha.

I've never considered myself a city girl, and that could not have been more validated on my first experience in New York. Don't get me wrong - I had SO much fun and it was a blast to experience NYC with good friends, but the whole lifestyle there... nope, just couldn't do it. I'm a country girl who believes that west coast is best coast whole-heartedly :)

However, NYC did treat me extremely well though. I got to frolick around the city and do touristy things with my dear friend Mark who came and met up with me from Jersey, celebrated my birthday with Bryan, Jon, and even my college bestie Christina who I haven't seen in years! We experienced 3 seasons in 3 days.. it was raining when I got there, 60 and sunny the next day, and then a winter blizzard the last day. Emily joined us for the last couple of days, and us 4 saw so many different things in a matter of a few days, and walked so many steps that I thought my feet were going to fall off. We got rad photos, took a ferry at sunset, ate marvelous food, and just had a wonderful spur-of-the-moment trip to NYC! Bryan, Jon, and Emily - too much fun with you guys, thanks for having me tag along, and can't wait for the next adventure ;)

Enjoy my photos from the big apple! Shout out and photo cred to Bryan and Jon for the couple photos of myself, as well.