Scholl Family


Talk about a photogenic family...

I have been so excited to meet Drew, who is the 3rd partner with Riley and Ben for Generous Coffee. I finally got to meet not only him this weekend, but his sweet family as well. As the fellas had a Generous meeting Saturday, us ladies sat on their porch all afternoon drinking coffee, talking about life, and cuddling kitties. Literally, for hours. I adore his wife, Bobbi! She has to be thee sweetest person I've ever met. Their story is incredible, too.

When the youngest was just a baby, they moved their family to Papua New Guinea to be missionaries for a few years. The work they did there and their stories are incredible.

They now live in Warsaw, Indiana in one of the prettiest and coziest homes I've ever seen, on a large piece of land for their active kids to play all kinds of sports and run around with Gus, their pup, and chase their chickens around. So cute! Spending Saturday afternoon with them, I realized this family is true family GOALS... when I think of the kind of marriage and family I want someday, the type of place I want to live, the quiet afternoons I want to spend, the important things I want to focus on in life... it's all reflected perfectly in Drew and Bobbi's family. I adore each of them, so I casually asked Bobbi if they had plans the next morning before church and basically invited myself over to take family portraits of them ;)

SO GLAD she agreed! Is this not the most beautiful family...