Surprise Wedding Film and The Couple's Cute Reaction!

Mike and Laura live in London, they planned one of the most beautiful Seattle, WA wedding celebrations I've ever experienced... from across the country. I was so impressed! As some of you may or may not know, I do both wedding photography and videography and for their wedding in particular I was hired for photography only. We had discussed the possibility of videography as well, but in the end Mike and Laura had decided it wasn't one of their bigger priorities, and had said it was a no-go. I, however, KNEW their wedding was about to be an EPIC event and that there is no way there wasn't going to be any video from this day to remember it by... This is just not okay!! Luckily, I also had the rare opportunity to have a few extra hands at their wedding, which I told Mike and Laura were just "interns I was teaching," and we totally pulled off secretly filming their wedding (while also photographing of course).

After delivering their wedding photos a few weeks after their wedding, I was overwhelmed with all of the kind words and gratitude Mike and Laura had about them! Little did they know, I was also working on their wedding FILM they didn't know they had coming too.... So I found it particularly rewarding when Laura added these words at the end of her email "I am sure I won't be the first bride to say this but I totally regret not getting your video package. I feel like I didn't see my own wedding, if that makes sense? I suppose I am looking for the guests experience and haven't yet realized I was the bride and don't get to do that."

So here we are 2 months after their wedding and I Face-timed this sweet couple a few days ago to tell them I had a little surprise for them. I couldn't help but record their reaction because honestly these two are some of the most genuine, sentimental, caring, and compassionate people I've met. I wanted to remember their reaction (for myself) as a sweet little reminder of why I do what I do.

However, their reaction was too good that I ended up asking them if I could share... despite having just got back from a run and not feeling in their prime... they luckily agreed to let me share hehe ;)
(Even though I think they are the most darling couple no matter what they look like!)
"I do wish I hadn't just gone for a run and wasn't sweaty and un-showered, but I seriously want every bride to know how much they MUST get a wedding video!"

More words from the bride:
"I seriously can't thank you enough for this gift. I can't describe what being able to see our wedding means to my memory of the day. It all goes by so fast and I am such a visual, detail oriented person that I feel like I didn't see our wedding or that what I imagined for so long during the planning process actually happened. This video filled in all those "holes". It literally completed my wedding experience and it is so, so beautiful. I will cherish it forever (and watch it over and over and over!) :) "